Mission & Vision & Values

Forty four years ago Nishtha began as a movement of women and girls in the villages of West Bengal talking about and demanding their right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Nishtha has believed that change is within our reach provided we have the determination and creativity to bring women together and so Nishtha's Vision and Mission is set towards the betterment of women and girls.

Mission Statement

To build a discrimination free just world where every woman will get equal opportunity, equal rightsand equal dignity.

Our Vision

Nishtha strives to usher in a new world for women and girls braving all discriminations on thebasis of sex, class, caste, creed, religion or colour; achieve equality in rights to opportunities and socialdignity; offer otherwise deprived children, a safer social environment bereft of child labor, equal accessto school education; Strive to cater for the needs of old infirm with respect they deserve and contributetowards a society where there would be no violence, discrimination and war.


As one of the most trusted organizations working for women and girls in West Bengal, NISHTHA thrives on a set of values which form the base of the work we do. Our values are reflected through our policies and they pave the way for our work on the ground – with the government and administration, with our partners, with our supporters and with our most important stakeholders, the women and children.

NISHTHA believes that to work towards rights of women and girls it is important as an organization to work through setting example that ensure that within the organization our team members, our staff, our board members have a set of policies that help them and guide them towards their own rights and responsibilities.

NISHTHA has the following policies that are key to the organization's values that guide us and ensure that they are strictly followed in all aspects.