Other Initiatives

(1) Legal Advocacy

A relatively small yet very crucial of Nishtha's programmes and services is the provision of legal aid and services for women and girls facing severe forms of domestic violence. There are two aspects to legal advocacy; one is providing free legal aid where women can access the courts and ensure their rights. Another part is where law keepers including judiciary, police provide training to women and young people on how they can access the police and law with proper information and skills. The OC of police stations visit Nishtha to provide such trainings. Parallel to this Nishtha also holds trainings, meetings with the judiciary and this bridges the gap between the law and accessibility for women. Victims of violence are provided legal support. 40 out of court settlement were ensured with regular follow up of the cases. Children are being trafficked were rescued, rehabilitated and also repatriated.

(2) Swapno: Dance as a medium of information and advocacy

Another important part of our work has been to create a forum where girls could take up dance as a form of expression to overcome their shyness, build their self-confidence and self-esteem. It is therapeutic healing process for many of the girls as they face different forms of violence. The team of about 120 girls use this very powerful medium as not only self-expression but to provide information to their peers as well as for advocacy of their rights.

(3) Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a key to ensuring the support to girl survivors of violence. The individual sponsors provide very important support to help these girls transform into empowered women, prevent injustice, become leaders and most importantly changemakers and role models for their peers. In the year 2018-19 54 girls were provided this support this year.