Water for People

In partnership with Water for People, NISHTHA has worked to bring clean water sources to the villages in West Bengal.  Their collaborative effort has focused on both resources and education.  With regards to resources, NISHTHA and Water for People have worked within the village councils to install water stations in the community and schools.  Education has focused on the safe handling of drinking water, disposal of waste water, solid waste disposal, home sanitation, and food hygiene.  Please view this video about Women & Water.

Health and Hygiene Training

NISHTHA places a strong emphasis on self-sufficiency.  Their leadership programs begin at a young age with the Balika Balak Bahini group which teaches little boys and girls about important health issues such as hand washing, but also grooms them to become sensitive, aware and informed groups of women and men.  The adolescent group is called Kishore Kishori Bahini and these boys and girls learn about community leadership and development, communication, the rights of women, and sexual and reproductive health.  The focus of this group is to make adolescent boys and girls into gender sensitive change-makers.


Project Bhalobasha

Bhalobasha (A day care centre for children with disabilities) project started in December 2015 at Baruipur Nishtha office premises with funding from The Karuna Trust. Most of the children come here from different villages surrounding Baruipur. At present we have 45 children in this project. We have set up a model Day Care centre, having the necessary infrastructure and a team of Principal, Trained Care Givers (Special Educators), Physiotherapist & Speech therapist. Apart from that we have been able to identify a pool of specialised professional Occupational Therapist, Doctor in PMR (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation), and Psychologist who are extending their services to these children for their physical and mental development and also empower them for sustainability in society. We wanted the children to have a centre with all in-house facilities so that they did not have to run here and there to get services of various professionals. This day-care is one of a kind in the area and many people have accessed the facilities and are continuing to do so with positive outcomes.
The Project: We have linked the children with government health department services like NIOH, NIHH & NIMH, NRS Hospital along with government health schemes RBSK (Ratriya Bal Swastha Karyakram – National Child Health Program). We link them (children with disabilities) with government schemes and facilities, and also try to generate community awareness about disabilities, cause of disabilities and prevention of disabilities. This project itself has been a dream comes true for Nishtha. We have been relatively fortunate that we didn't have many challenges as such because of the huge support we have received from The Karuna Trust and also the huge appreciation and encouragement from the community.

Physiotherapy Speech Therapy
Vocational Training Group Activity
Special Education