Ensuring Bio-Diversity For Our Future

Since its inception Nishtha has been passionate about protecting the greens and natural environment of the villages where we work. Over the years Nishtha has been working on different aspects of the environment, including safe water, sanitation, etc. Nishtha has also been making environment education a compulsory part of our work with adolescents and youth including No to Plastic, Planting Trees, etc. As an organization working in the rural areas we believe we have a lot to contribute to protecting the bio-diversity of the area.

Over the last few years we have had young people take up the important task of promoting organic and traditional practices of farming in their own communities. They young people also look into other aspects like freeing the village of plastic, etc. Young people take up different initiatives to help the farmers, especially the women farmers aware of organic farming and the lost term benefits of not using chemical inputs in their farms. Though it is a big challenge but young people have been persistent in their efforts.

Young people also get the children to participate in different community events so that they can spread awareness on the ecological rights of children.

This year both women and male farmers have been reached to promote Innovative ways of working with farmers on organic farming. Agri Clinics were set up where experts provided prescriptions to farmers on farming practices and yields.